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TIGO Mobile Service

Included Services:

  • Unlocked Mobile Phone Required
  • No Cedula Required
  • No Deposits and No Contracts, cancel at any time
  • Automatic Billing via Credit Card
  • Unlimited Nationwide 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited Nationwide talk & text within Colombia
  • Unlimited International talk and text to US, MX, CA from Colombia
  • Unlimited Free Sim Card Replacement
  • National Device Registration Service included (Device IMEI required)
  • E-SIM Compatible (requires in-person registration)

Additional Services:

  • Smart Watch Service* - $10USD/mo

* compatible smart watch required and setup must be done in-person with our representative.

$30.00 USD/moRequest Your SIM Card Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sim Card services are made for Expats and Foreigners who are visiting for long terms and are seeking a safe and convenient way to get mobile phone and internet service.

Why is your service so expensive?

We like to be direct and honest. Our service is two times the cost of a regular cellular plan if you were to open it directly with your Colombian Cedula and the mobile service providers. However this plan is made for those without a cedula and want to have mobile service with automatic payment, ESIM capability, smart watch capability and more which would normally only be accessible to those with a Cedula. Our service is better as you never have to go to the carrier store and we are able to help you resolve all issues. You also receive convenient automatic billing in COP or your local currency and you can cancel the service at anytime with no penalty! You do not even need to return the simcard!

I was able to get a prepaid without any identification.

We understand you can purchase a sim card from the corner store or anywhere for $5,000COP, and recharge the sim card, however that sim card is registered to a random person. If you already have one, just download the app and log in with your number and you will see a random name. If the person reports their identity stolen your devices may end up being on the black list and you will not be able to use the device in Colombia until it is unblocked! This is a regulation set forth by the CRC.

Did you register your device? If not, your device can be blocked!

Did you register your device with the Colombia CRC? Did you know that failure to register your device within 90-180 days of usage in Colombia can result in your device being permanently blocked from connecting to all cellular networks? The device is required to be registered with the carrier your mobile phone line your sim card is registered to. For more information read the El Tiempo article here: When you get your sim card with us, we will help you register your device and you never have to worry as you are protected by our US and Colombian companies.