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Chubit Travel, SAS offers a range of Expat Services in Medellin that range from medical translation services, personal assistant, massages, mobile and home internet services and much more. We know that when you move to a new country things are tough so we are here to help make it easier for you with our local services in Colombia with an American Standard of Service. Our team is available 24/7.

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While it is possible to figure everything out about Medellin on your own as an Expat, you may end up wasting precious time or getting sucked into scams. With our Medellin Expat Services, we provide you with a VIP Host who offers a level of guidance and support that can elevate the entire experience. Your VIP Host is dedicated to ensuring your needs are fulfilled. Contact Us and let us see how we can help you experience Medellin better and faster!


Experience Medellin Like a Local - Crash Course

When you first arrive in Medellin it is not easy to get your footing. Instead you may need someone to help show you around. At Chubit Travel, SAS we are able to provide you with local services that show you the true Medellin from its beauty to its nitty gritty so you can acclimate better and faster. With just 3 days we can offer you a crash course into Living in Medellin and learning on how to make it home.

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General Assistance & Translation Service

Offering a comprehensive support system, helping newcomers navigate the city's bureaucracy, find housing, and access essential amenities with ease. Additionally, our translation services ensure expats can overcome language barriers, facilitating smooth interactions and fostering a sense of belonging in their new community.

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Medical Support Service

If you already have an appointment or plan to travel to Medellin for Medical, our team can help accompany expats to doctor's appointments, ensuring they are obtaining necessary medications and the higher level of service. We also offer expert translation for complex medical information, ensuring expats fully understand their healthcare options and empowering them to make informed decisions about their well-being while in Medellin. Chubit Travel does not offer medical or dental services to our expats.

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Connectivity in Medellin

We offer seamless connectivity in Medellin with our hassle-free Sim Card offers, featuring convenient eSIM cards with flexible monthly payments through your credit card, eliminating the need to navigate Colombian bureaucracy. Additionally, our home internet service is accessible to all expats, irrespective of their credit history, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly in your new home.

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Massage Service

Indulge in a rejuvenating experience with our massage services, distinctively tailored to provide an authentic American/Thai standard. Our skilled therapists specialize in delivering genuine deep tissue massages, setting us apart from the conventional Colombian approach, where massages often focus on superficial strokes rather than genuine relaxation and muscle relief.

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